"What does a soul do when all that you've taken for granted in life turns false? Is there Hell on Earth? Monkey Pudding takes you on a mind trip giving the reader an inside look into the life of a Vietnam Vet who's world is turned upside down.  From jungle to bedroom to adultery to murder this reader thoroughly enjoyed this Most Excellent Read...."
  ...Merlin's Review Staff
- Merlinhouse Publishing Co.
If you haven't read MONKEY PUDDING, published by 1st Books and written by JERRY POZNER, put it at the top of your "Things to do List," and get a copy of it ASAP.

Jerry has put together a fast-paced story that'll keep you guessing, and on the edge of your seat waiting to see what happens next, especially after Lieutenant Steve Simmons is wounded during a brief firefight in Vietnam. He returns to the U.S., recuperates in a VA hospital, then goes home only to catch his wife in bed with another guy. At that point, Steve flies into a rage, his wife dies during a scuffle when she's shoved down a stairway. But who did the shoving?

From there, it gets even better. Steve and Jack McKenzie, a huge man who was his roomie in the hospital, become close friends. When Steve moves to Florida after a period of rehabilitation, there's an amazingly unique turn of events that will leave you shocked, and Steve Simmons on the verge of being murdered. Jerry puts you right smack in the middle of it all, from Vietnam to New York to Florida. It's a very good read, and if I was Steve Simmons, I'd want to forget Monkey Pudding in Nam, too. But not this book. It's the kind of book that when I neared the end, I really wanted it to go on and on. This is a five-star job in my rating system. 
- Dan Murr, Clocktower author, May 13, 2001.

A powerful punch in the solar plexus!
I am an author and publisher, and MONKEY PUDDING is a novel I would have RUNto publish ASAP, even if it would mean cranking up the presses at midnight!Well written, gritty, full of surprises, MONKEY PUDDING is a Vietnam warstory with vivid combat scenes, and its just as heart-wrenchingafter-effects upon its protagonist, Lieutenant Steve Simmons. He returnshome after discharge from the US Army, and has to wage yet another war, awar just as profound, a war of rebuilding his life up from the very bottomof hell. This book's style is no-nonsense, straightforward, like afast-flowing river, and reads like a biography with no holds barred. Nowonder, though, for Author Jerold B. Pozner's own odyssey began when he wasborn in New York City, the day the stock market crashed. He served in theU.S. Army during the Korean War and was stationed in Germany. With hismilitary experience, this prompted him to write a novel with a war background and he turned his attention to the Vietnam War Era, writingMonkey Pudding. The screenplay version he adapted from this novel has wonvarious awards in several national screenplay contests. Here is to seeingLieutenant Steve Simmons, live in vivid color, upon the big screen! I gladlysign my name to this review:
- Kristina O'Donnelly...Andromeda from Inverness, FL United States

I think you are great at PR. That is a funny story...bet those officers will like your book!
Weslynn McCallister

Just finished reading Jerry Pozner's Monkey Pudding and it is another "must read."  Jerry has splendidly developed characters that bring out emotions to the point that it's impossible not to feel what they're feeling. He has done remarkably well in plotting a storyline that won't let you go. Just one more case of another well-written book by a POD author. Way to go, Jerry! Keep on writing.
Glenda Ivey, Author
Founder/President, Florida Writers Assn.

Monkey Pudding
Book Reviews
This book was outstanding. I couldn't put it down. I think this author is someone to watch for in the future. I hope to see more books like this one. It was a terrific read, I'd recommend it to anyone.
-Francine, Monmouth Junction, NJ    December 21, 2000

Realism meets entertainment.
The author has done a very good job here. He has grasped the effects of a place like Vietnam on his character. He has also made the telling of the story entertaining while sticking to a realistic basis. If you want to get a good grasp on what it was like to fight in a far way land, come home to a dirupted life and then plod on I suggest you read Monkey Pudding. I found it a page turner and I did not put it down until the end.
-Mark Haeuser, an author with five published books, May 7, 2001