This is a Vietnam war story with vivid combat scenes about a war hero. The protagonist, Lieutenant Steve Simmons, returning home after discharge from the US Army, finds his wife Jennifer, in bed with another man. In an enraged scuffle, Jennifer is pushed down the stairs and falls to her death. She had been suffering from an inoperable brain tumor, which she developed while Steve was overseas.

After psychiatric treatment at the VA hospital, he relocates to another state, accepting a new employment assignment in the mortgage department of a bank. Then he meets his wife's twin sister, Christina, whose existence was unknown to him. The sisters were orphans, separated shortly after birth, and had never met.
"What's Monkey Pudding?" He asked again. Monkey Pudding, come on tell me."

"No, you cut it out." Steve was enraged.

"How am I going to get you to open up and come out of your shell, if you won't tell me?" snapped Dr. Gerson.

Steve walked to the other side of the room, growling at him.

"Look, if you're so damn smart, head shrinker, how come you're not in private practice making millions? Here you probably make peanuts."

The doctor became angry and threw the sextant across the desk and slammed the skull puzzle against the wall, where it shattered into pieces.

"Now look, soldier! he snapped. "You shut up. I'll ask the questions here. Sit down!"

Steve started to lunge at the doctor grabbing his arm, ready to pin him down in the chair, then he stopped.

"Look, Steve, I'll tell you why I'm here. I had two sons in Korea ... two fine men like you. One was killed in Pyon Pyong and one at Chingyin Reservoir." He got up and walked across the room, his face a mask of pain. "That's why I'm here, to help fellows like my sons. That's enough for today, Lieutenant. Now get the hell out of here. I'll see you again tomorrow at ten o'clock. We'll talk some more. So long."
You Can purchase Monkey Pudding through any of these online resources, as well as many of your local book stores.
There is a plot to kill Christina, heir to a huge international
margarine manufacturing corporation. Steve hires a detective,
the flamboyant Jack McKenzie, and together they set out to find the conspirators. Steve's relationship with Christina gives the story a most dramatic twist. Its intriguing provocative ending leaves the reader with the warm feeling of having lived through a most exciting novel
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